The Marketing Zeitgeist- Episode 1

I recorded a podcast while I attempted to use the “One-Cent Whopper” deal from the Burger King app.

The deal required you to download the BK app and check-in at a McDonalds location (or within 600 feet of a McDonalds) that you could unlock a coupon for a penny Whopper. 

My personal experience took me an hour and wasn’t successful. The rules were tricky and time consuming. There were time frames and time limits involved. My initial feeling was that this campaign may not work for BK.

However, I stand corrected. According to Business Insider ,  the deal garnered an 0.8% in sales that quarter and app downloads exploded from 2 million to 6 million. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to find actual conversion numbers, but that may be available when they announce their Q4 sales in a few weeks. 

I look forward to seeing what they do with this momentum. They will need to act fast before people start deleting the app from their phone. 

Have a listen to my podcast as I go on a quest for my Whopper.